How the belief of money was possibly established and why human life is more valuable than money.


It costs 3p to make a £10 note; what makes it worth £10?


Nothing more and nothing less because it never ceases to be a piece of paper.

Once upon a time money didn’t exist, bartering coffee beans for grain did instead which was highly impractical. I suspect the dishonest were creative in making other materials look like coffee and grain but for the best part these essentials were exchanged as they were.

Along came precious metals. Actually they didn’t come along, they were discovered, maybe a bit like this:

“Well wha’do’we ‘ave ‘ere then?”

“I dunno mate, but it’s the shiniest rock eye’ve ever seen”

“’Ere lemme chip some uv it off – ‘ere ‘old”

“Gold? ‘Ow do you know wha it’s cawled?”

“No you div – HOLD, I said HOLD!”

“Oh ok. Well wha shall we cawl it?”

“Might as well cawl it gold!”

I’m not sure if they came from the West Country but for illustrative purposes of how a belief is established we’ll say they were.

So it’s a bright shiny yellow coloured rock, never seen before. Just like when mobile phones came out, everyone thought they were the dogs nads, but now, now everyone has one and they aren’t as big of a deal. Gold obviously became a big deal, so did silver etc. With gold came greed. It was so much easier to stock pile gold than it was to stock pile loaves of bread, eggs and cows. People went from having what they NEEDED to what they GREEDED – I think I made that word up. Gold didn’t have an expiry date and was much more convenient to carry. Kings and all the big wigs decided – you know because it was so easy to carry – that they wanted a cut of the wealth so they often sent off their delegates to go and pillage/steal from anyone who had gold and called it TAX. Would they have done that if they were bread, eggs, coffee etc? NO because they weren’t as easy to carry and food items had an expiry!

Time carried on and even gold, silver and copper coins became too cumbersome to carry so the money makers decided to make PAPER money notes to REPRESENT the number of gold coins so carrying money would be even easier. Even this became problematic because people were able to carry a hella lotta money – which again you wouldn’t do if you had eggs, bread or milk -and this invited thieves to steal and other fraudsters to make FAKE money – whatever that is!

With this flaw in design it brings us up to our current day where a plastic card REPRESENTS intangible numbers which live in a computer screen that you can’t touch, but you still believe exists.

Money was invented as a TOOL for trade, to make trade easier, but BAD people existed and still do exist who wanted to CORRUPT this tool for trade purely because it was yellow, shiny and rare. They believed in this at a time when people believed in Greek Gods, when women or witches were burned at the steak or drowned in a river for having a period, because they didn’t have a scientific, logical explanation for the way of the world.

To believe a shiny bit of yellow rock or a TOOL FOR TRADE is WORTH MORE THAN HUMAN LIFE is simply FUCKING RIDICULOUS just as ridiculous as drowning a woman for having a her period.

Jeremy Corbyn is the first MP in my lifetime who wants to UNCORRUPT the concept of money, who wants to put HUMAN LIFE before intangible numbers which represent a piece of PAPER which represents GOLD which is has been mined to fuck just because some witch believing primitive humans once believed gold was pretty and shiny and might impress someone. Those who discovered these shiny bits of metal could have had another opinion, they could have said ‘this rock looks like a mammoth pissed on this – I’m not touching that’ – it was a game of chance which lead us down the path we live on now.

We are where we are. Business and trade exists. We need a tool for trade, but we don’t need corruption, we don’t need a media bias based on a belief that money is worth more than HUMAN LIFE. EVERYONE needs to eat. EVERYONE needs shelter. EVERYONE needs medical attention. NO ONE needs a rock, paper or intangible numbers. We need to rewrite the money story so it has a happy ending.

Coppers are no longer made of copper so they aren’t even worth what they were and gold doesn’t even exist in £1 and £2. They are just bits of metal.

If you value PRETEND corrupted currency over HUMAN LIFE are you even human?



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